This site tracks sexual assault kits issued by the State of Idaho

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Authorizing Legislation

This website enables the tracking of sexual assault evidence kits* in the state of Idaho in compliance with Idaho Code Chapter 29, Title 67, Section 67-2919.

*”Sexual assault evidence kit” means a set of materials, such as swabs and tools for collecting blood samples, used to gather forensic evidence from a victim of reported sexual assault and the evidence obtained with such materials.

Sexual Assault Victim Notification Form

Idaho State Police Forensic Services


Victims of sexual assault can view the history and current status of their sexual assault evidence kit by entering the sexual assault evidence kit tracking # in the “serial number” box above and clicking the adjacent search button with the magnifying glass icon ()

Authorized medical, law enforcement, county prosecutor, and lab personnel should select “Login” and enter their unique Username and Password to manage the status of sexual assault evidence kits under the jurisdiction of their agency.


The IKTS system is a program designed to track all sexual assault kits collected in Idaho and provide a mechanism for victim notification of kit status. IKTS is not intended to be an official chain of custody record for legal purposes, and is not treated as such by IKTS user agencies. While great effort is made to ensure the information may be relied upon as generally accurate, the intention of this system is for tracking, victim notification and public information. ISPFS is not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate information contained in IKTS.